Qmark Power Cat (Super Cat) 1200XL Portable Utility Blower

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Qmark Power Cat 1200XL Portable Utility Blower

Product Description:

Portable unit with high power output--The Power Cat (Super Cat) 1200XL is several units in one: a high velocity blower that can be used for ventilating and cooling, with a flood light for added convenience. Each is fitted with a duplex electrical receptacle and features a 25 ft., heavy-duty grounded extension cord.

The Power Cat (Super Cat) 1200XL is the essential tool for a variety of tasks. Use it to cool or ventilate a workshop, dry a damp surface, remove harmful fumes from a freshly-painted room, brighten work space underneath a car’s hood, or remove irritating smoke from any area.

Product Features:

• Extra-Powerful, 1120 CFM, 2-Speed Squirrel-Cage Blower For Industrial Jobs
• Heavy-Duty 2 Position Rocker Switch
• Duplex, 15 Amp, Weather-Resistant Grounded Receptacle
• 2-Speed Motor
• Easy-Grip Wooden Handle
• Baked Enamel Finish
• Heavy-Duty Unit Is a Portable Work Partner, Weighing Only 44 Pounds

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